Prices are based on the square footage, making it easy to determine your savings
Rates are calculated on the square footage for the area you want detailed. You can choose to do either the entire interior part of your property or a portion there of, it is your choice. Because we are the first to offer this complete package in the Ottawa area we are offering a special rate. Call ICSERVICES.CA today and inquire about the special rates.
Standard Price
sq. ft.
Sq. Foot
$2.00250 to 650
$1.96651 to 799
$1.92800 to 899
$1.90900 to 1150
$1.881151 to 1400
$1.861401 to 1650
$1.821651 to 1900
$1.801901 to 2250
$1.782251 to 2500
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*Please note that these rates are subject to change without prior notice